Face Your Foes

What’s your nemesis asana? We all have them… The one which when mentioned in class you make an internal groan. It’s what Hannah would call your ‘bitter ochre’ move. But maybe it’s these asanas that we can learn the most from.

By changing the way you regard and use these emotions towards that asana can radically change your practice, and by extension, has the capacity to change how you face challenges in everyday life.

So how can we do this? First, think about how exactly that asana makes you feel. What emotions surface? Anger? Discomfort? Irritation? Even boredom?

All these emotions are legitimate, even if they don’t seem the most yogic! So instead of dismissing these feelings (and asana) as bad or negative, use them as a tool for personal cultivation. Learn to sit with these emotions. To recognise them without judgment. Feel them as they are in the moment. They mostly surface with asanas which we find difficult to hold. So ask yourself, why might I be feeling these emotions? Does it extend to more than this asana or this practice of yoga? Does it relate to something you’ve experienced earlier that day or in our lives?

We get the very best from asana by showing a little love and affection to the trickier ones in our practice as these are the ones that teach us the most about ourselves, our bodies, and about where we are emotionally at a given time. So give your nemesis asana a chance, and maybe, just maybe it’s by facing your foes that can deepen your practice and get the most out of it.


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