Claire Maclaine: My Teaching Journey

My journey into Yoga started like many, with a desire to get fitter and more flexible. I spotted an advert on the noticeboard in our tiny village and I thought as the class was just up the road, I’d give it a try. And it wasn’t love at first asana. I found it really hard. In forward bend I couldn’t reach anywhere near my toes, I felt suffocated in pose of the child, and as for anything more demanding …forget it! But for some reason, it hooked me in. So for several years I went to a weekly class, then several times a week with different teachers, and then I spoke to people I knew who were doing teacher training. And that’s how I found myself on the Proper Northern Yoga Teacher Training course! So after graduating, I now find myself teaching at PNY and studying a 2-year course at Mandala Yoga Ashram. Yoga is always a personal journey and mine seems to be taking me on a path of traditional practices, particularly pranayama, meditation and reflection. I’m a bit more flexible than when I started but now I understand that flexibility isn’t the goal, and that rather, asana is a gateway through which we try to explore the bigger picture of finding that sense of oneness and wholeness.


  • breath
  • meditation
  • practice
  • pranayama
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