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Alice Du Preez

As a PNY pregnancy yoga teacher I am passionate about bringing calm strength to your pregnancy. I am a midwife trained in hypnobirthing, pregnancy massage, pregnancy yoga and aromatherapy. I bring nurturing classes that include supportive flow movement, breathing techniques and relaxation tools for you to feel fully prepared for a positive birth.

Mandy Chacksfield

My classes are a fun fusion of creative sequences, beautiful music and suitable for all levels. I encourage and motivate my students to work intuitively with their bodies and enjoy the moment as they are! For me, the greatest benefit of practicing yoga is the self-love, strength, compassion it brings. Yoga helps you to make peace with the past and relish the future.

Gabi Markham

Born in Brighton to wonderfully hippy parents, I was lucky enough to start practicing yoga during early childhood. Using my background as a dancer, obsession with anatomy, and love of the deeper spiritual aspects of a yoga practice, my classes aim to be creative and meaningful. Each class is an individual journey to self-discovery that everyone can explore.

Minker Chang

With over 20 years of practice I bring sensitivity, subtlety and energetic awareness to my sessions. I am interested in the interconnectivity of different movement modalities and their healing effects on mind, body and breath. During my classes I attempt to weave these strands together bringing you a truly embodied practice.

Stephanie Parmenter

Disco diva and fun-loving yogini, I always bring high energy, humour, challenge and excitement to my classes. I’m the yang to your yin with experience of both Hatha and Vinyasa. I can often be found doing yoga with my own two little budding yoginis.

Emmie Coxey

Yoga has always been a part of my life as a dancer, and since becoming a yoga teacher I appreciate a deeper understanding of the body and mind. I love gathering energy and flow in the body to find natural progression in flexibility and strength.

Hannah Glancy

Founding PNY has led me to fully immerse myself in a practice I love. A practice that alters every fibre of my being and enables me to explore my mental, physical and spiritual self. Find me on the mat moving somatically, cracking jokes and sharing the wonder of Himalayan sound bowls.

Carol Downing

As an ever evolving and exploratory practitioner I have broadened my experience to encompass many styles of yoga, from Ashtanga to somatic movement. A keen cyclist, yoga is a way to really enhance the benefits of sports and cultivate holistic fitness.

Jamie Stuart

It's never too late. After having worked as a publican (long shifts, lots of booze) I felt uninspired, lethargic and unmotivated. Within a year I'd turned it round to become leaner, stronger, healthier and happier. Now a fully qualified PT, I coach a great mix of novices to athletes.

Manda Lightley

I teach playful and nurturing sequences with compassion, curiosity and humour. My hope is to bring mindful awareness to both flow and stillness while encouraging self-exploration within practice. Yoga, to me, is a tool for personal wellbeing and self-care where students can find compassion for themselves and their bodies.

Marisa Crane

PNY born and bred, I started my yoga journey and my teacher training here. I am an artist and I'm currently studying at Lancaster University for a Master's in Gender and Women’s Studies and English, which you can often see coming through in my practice with restorative, flowing classes inspired by poetry, writing and visualisation.

Martha Littlehailes

Yoga has been part of my life for over twenty five years. As a sound designer I found the curiosity and self enquiry of yoga to be another way of listening. I teach a breath based, focused flow, using the body in a moving meditation to help towards calmness and clarity. I encourage playfulness, self inquiry and self compassion.

Valentina Lia

Originally from Turin, I studied psychology before finding my love for yoga. I practice yoga simply because it makes me feel better. I feel yoga changed for better my life and I believe it can make you both emotionally and physically healthier, stronger and more balanced.

Anne Lees

Yoga for me is about the power of connecting with oneself. I like the physical dance that a flow provides with the breath and the mind. I enjoy slow mindful movements; playfulness and I hope my classes bring smiles and a chilled attitude to life.

Claire Maclaine

My practice is gentle and focuses on uniting body, breath and mind through traditional Hatha asana, modern somatic poses, breathing and meditation. I believe that there is no need to be in hurry to “achieve” every asana, yoga is in essence a lifetime of exploratory practice.

Alessandra Bosi

Born in bred in Northern Italy, I moved to London in 2009 to study graphic design. While designing is my day job, I love to teach yoga and am the co-founder of the yoga platform “Be-Inwards”. To me, yoga is creating space in your own body. Yoga is freedom and release.

Polly Orton

Yoga is a healing practise through which I experience connection to the mind, body and universal energy. I am fascinated by “the why” behind the asanas and what benefits they can have on us. In class, I aim to bring a little yogic philosophy whilst holding space for each student to explore whatever inspiration brings them to practise.

Jessica Birks

My classes emanate creative, fun and flowing sequences that combine precision of alignment with steady connection to the breath in order to facilitate a mindful investigation of our energetic body and moving anatomy. I strive to support my students by drawing on yogic philosophy for inspiration and creating an atmosphere with tasteful music and aromatherapy. 

Sue Kennedy (Soozi Kay)

In 2015, a good friend gave me the ultimate gift. Yoga. I was training hard, working long hours, skipping lunch and grabbing late-night takeaway. My stress levels were through the roof. I was totally burnt out. Daily yoga practice was the life-changing reset I needed. Today, I feel super-privileged to be able to share the journey of self-care, discovery, recovery and transformation with others. Mindful movement meets total relaxation.

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