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Welcome to our awesome and eclectic team of teachers. PNY offers the best local teachers to give you a diverse range of styles and methods. 

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Minker Chang

With over 20 years of practice I bring sensitivity, subtlety and energetic awareness to my sessions. I am interested in the interconnectivity of different movement modalities and their healing effects on mind, body and breath. During my classes I attempt to weave these strands together bringing you a truly embodied practice.

Hannah Glancy

Founding PNY has led me to fully immerse myself in a practice I love. A practice that alters every fibre of my being and enables me to explore my mental, physical and spiritual self. Find me on the mat moving somatically, cracking jokes and sharing the wonder of Himalayan sound bowls.

Stephanie Parmenter

Disco diva and fun-loving yogini, I always bring high energy, humour, challenge and excitement to my classes. I’m the yang to your yin with experience of both Hatha and Vinyasa. I can often be found doing yoga with my own two little budding yoginis.

Valentina Lia

Originally from Turin, I studied psychology before finding my love for yoga. I practice yoga simply because it makes me feel better. I feel yoga changed for better my life and I believe it can make you both emotionally and physically healthier, stronger and more balanced.

Soozi Kennedy

Yoga was the life-changing reset I needed back in 2015. I fell in love with the practice and was inspired to train as a teacher with Proper Northern Yoga. My style is best described as mindful movement meets total relaxation. A journey into self-care, discovery, recovery and transformation.

Marisa Crane

PNY born and bred, I started my yoga journey and my teacher training here. I am an artist and I'm currently studying at Lancaster University for a Master's in Gender and Women’s Studies and English, which you can often see coming through in my practice with restorative, flowing classes inspired by poetry, writing and visualisation.

Martha Littlehailes

Yoga has been part of my life for over twenty five years. As a sound designer I found the curiosity and self enquiry of yoga to be another way of listening. I teach a breath based, focused flow, using the body in a moving meditation to help towards calmness and clarity. I encourage playfulness, self inquiry and self compassion.

Alex Birbeck

Currently working towards a doctorate in Educational Psychology at the University of Bristol, I am fascinated by the mind-body connection. By sharing my practice I aim to inspire gratitude, compassion and respect for our incredible, ever-changing bodies, and support calmer living through the powerful tools of meditation and mindful breathing.

Amy Barlow

I encourage a safe space, offering variations of postures throughout class, moving with a slow pace and finding deep connection to the breath.  Bringing together and celebrating all bodies, my classes have an uplifting energy whilst having grounding elements allowing you to reconnect and take time out for yourself.

Mark Dunton

I found yoga in the early 90s. It was a transformation for me, from darkness into light. For nearly three decades, yoga has been my most constant companion, enhancing all other aspects of my life.  As a teacher, I have the opportunity to help others enhance their own lives through their own yoga journeys.

Nell Chapman

I try to bring some joy and playfulness when I’m teaching and believe that this can help us to cultivate a connectedness to our own bodies and also to other people. I aim to make yoga accessible and encourage people to consider how they feel on the mat, not how they look.

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